The first project theme of Design Soil since we have begun was to create furniture with the condition that can bring back home like a “Souvenir” in a size of carry-on baggage dimensions of international flights. Since then, many ordinaries in life have changed, and people often shop in homes and take delivery nowadays, we had a rethink about a package size of furniture.
This time, we worked on creating furniture fit into a package with the total dimensions are within 100cm that are smaller sorting than the condition of the “Souvenir” project. In addition, we challenged to create that they can be assembled to a large piece from a compact package, and still fun to assemble. Moreover, not only the costs of storage and shipping are less by the compact packages, but also they can be taken home from stores right away.
The collection, “size 100” aims to let furniture to become more familiar with, and people can feel attached to them.

  • Big Wedge

    Side table、Bench
    Design: Kotaro TOMINAGA
    Size: w.550 x d.280 x sh.380 / h.350
    Material: Oak

    Big Wedge is a collapsible stool assembled using wedges. Wedges have long been used in home construction, and while they can be used in furniture-making as well once in place a wedge often ends up an in-the-way protuberance. With Big Wedge, the wedge finds a new purpose. With an exaggerated end, once the wedge has done its job assembling the stool, it can also be used as a small table.

  • Stitch

    Side table / Container
    Design: Asuka SAKAMOTO
    Size: φ.400 x H.410
    Material: Veneer, Plywood, Nylon strap, Canvas

    Stitch is a basket table created around the idea of “sewing.” Worryingly soft and thin plywood becomes sturdy when weaved together cylindrically. The exaggerated stitches make no effort to hide themselves, giving this piece a unique look. The basket inside can hold all sorts of things, and the handle makes it easy to pick up and carry.

  • N

    Low table
    Design: Futo SAKURAI
    Size: φ.480 x H.385
    Material: Plywood, Leather

    N is a low table that takes its folding construction concept from a folding screen. The base and tabletop are made up of three and two folding boards respectively. To assemble, first open the base in an N shape, and slide the grooved shelf through its holes into place. Affix the tabletop to finish. The interplay between light and shadow in the space created between the base and shelf has a subtle beauty to it.

  • Hashira

    Side table
    Design: Rin KAWASHIMA
    Size: W.400 x D.380 x H.450
    Material: Pine, Beech

    Hashira is a table constructed using a traditional Japanese wood crafting method. The base and tabletop slide into the main pillar like joists, and are fixed into place by hammered wedges. A bold construction, distinguished by its bulky straight lines.

  • Notch

    Design: Hana ITOME
    Size: W.600 x D.270 x H.430
    Material: Maple

    Notch is a stool that takes its construction ethos from log cabins. The two cross beams simply drop into the leg panels, a stable design further reinforced once the top is affixed. The board fit between the beams can serve as a small table or shelf.

  • Gen

    Coat rack
    Design: Yui KITAHARA
    Size: W.600 x D.220 x H.1,350
    Material: Ginkgo, Polyester cord

    Just as the strings of a shamisen are wound to create tension, Gen is a rack assembled around the tensile power of a wound string. The main pole, suitable for hanging a coat or hat, is rotated to wind the string around it, pulling on the sideboards and fixing them securely in place. As you do so, you might imagine you are winding the pegs of a shamisen.

  • Bridge

    Hanger rack
    Design: Mika INADA
    Size: W.320 x D.320 x H.1,600
    Material: White ash, Polyester cord

    Bridge is a coat rack where hangers are hung on a string that hangs down from the tray affixed to the pillar. The tray slots into the pillar, and is further secured by the string in the manner of a suspension bridge. As the suspended string is a continuous link, its shape and tension will shift depending on the number of hangers and their position, giving this piece the slight exhilaration of a system in motion.

  • Bind

    Design: Fujia QU
    Size: W.410 x D.380 x H.580
    Material: White ash

    The three legs slide into the slanted holes in the seat, and the belt secures everything in place. The belt can also be used to bundle the parts together compactly when the stool is not in use.