Lagrangian Point

In 1772, in the
“Essay on the Three-Body Problem,”
Joseph Louis Lagrange indicated
the Lagrangian Point,
a point exists in the space
between the revolving two bodies
that gravity and centrifugal force are balanced.
A material put on this point keeps balancing
and revolving without changing
a relative position.

A calm stability is found in throughout
the various forces crossing.

Yet, not only in the astronomic subjects,
it is able to be found
in places where close to us.

The collection of,
“Lagrangian Point” is the works
produced by finding the equilibrium hidden
behind the apparently
unstable forces and structures.


    design: Kohdai IWAMOTO
    size: low/ W.700 x D.350 x H.390
    middle/ W.700 x D.350 x H.740
    high/ W.700 x D.350 x H.1,260
    wide shelf board / W.1,290
    material: plywood, laminate, white ash

    The length of the diagonal is root 2 when the length of the side is 1. HALF – THROTTLE is an assembled shelf aimed at the Pythagorean theorem. After inserting the prop into a square hole of the shelf board, just twist the prop to 45 degrees. The extension of shelf board can be easily fixed.


    design: Junichiro OSHIMA
    size: W.370 x D.150 x H.370
    folding size: W.860 x D.150 x H.75
    material: hard maple, rope

    It is able to bend freely as well as to tie. TRINITY is a folding stool applied the characteristic of a rope. The tied knots at the both ends of the rope which pass through the legs and the seat, to give the relation that pulling each other from three directions, the rope beautifully tighten supports the legs firmly. When holding the stool, the rope works as a fastener of the legs and as a handle to carry.

  • LEAN

    coat rack & side table
    design: Kengo BABATA
    coat rack / W.440 x D.440 x H.1,700
    side table
    square / W.450 x D.450 x H.450
    circle / W.500 x D.485 x H.450
    material: oak, walnut, white ash, glass top

    One leg leans on the next leg, and the another leg leans on its next leg. LEAN is a coat rack and a side table that the L-shaped legs support each other to stand stably. In the apparent instability like the “Penrose stairs” of an impossible object, it realizes the firm stability. Being able to assemble without parts like nails or screws is an attractive point of this piece.


    wall shelf
    design: Weena LEE
    size: W.415 x D.150 x H.270 strap length: 170
    material: ash, textile belt

    SLING is a wall shelf with five different lengths of sides. It will tilts by depending on the weight and the shape of stored items. SLING becomes stable at the position by keeping its balance by the center of gravity. The strap can be easily removed and by changing the hanging styles, the various looks are able to enjoy.。


    design: Hiroyuki IKEUCHI
    size: W.650 x D.300 x H.1,700
    material: plywood, birch

    TENSILE is a shelf used that the characteristic of plywood is pliable, to fix the shelf boards. By inserting the prop into the slit hole of the shelf board, the slit part is pushed out by the prop which pictures a beautiful arch, and the shelf board get fixed by its elasticity. The props are just rectangular lumbers, and the height of shelf boards can be changed to at any position.


    design: Yumi NAKAMOTO
    size: W.1,020 x D.640 x H.1,060
    material: rayon yarn, piano wire

    By pinching the both ends of yarn, a beautiful curve will appears. CATENA is a mobile fully pulled out the attraction of curve from the gravity. Respond to the flow of air and soughs, flutters when it’s touched. It shows expressive faces at each moment.


    low table
    design: Tomoya YOSHINO
    size: φ.900 x H.410
    material: veneer, cord, glass top

    CRIMP is a low table that shows beautiful curves between the two thin boards. The thin board which is unable to stand itself, by giving the different curves bent with the ability of the cord, it will gain the strength to support the heavy tabletop. It is also compact to put away once disassembled.


    swing & small box & birdhouse
    design: Yuki MATSUMOTO
    swing / W.550 x D.180 x H.60
    small box / W.400 x D.180 x H.280
    birdhouse / W.180 x D.180 x H.260
    material: birch, pine, rope

    When more than half of a circumference is covered, a material touched the circle can be lifted up. SEVEN – TENTHS is the hanging type modular furniture applied this law. The various parts have the common structure, and can be replaced to change it into a small box, a birdhouse, or a swing. Each person can enjoy one’s own way to use.


    flower vase
    design: Risako MATSUMOTO
    size: W.660 x D.95 x H.260
    material: white ash, stainless steel, leather strap

    A balance reads the weight by the distance from the fulcrum. WATER BALANCE uses this structure to visualize the thirst of an unspeakable flower. The vase and the weight that balance at first, start to lose its balance as the water of the vase evaporates. The slant of the balance becomes the silent voice of the flower and tells the appropriate time through the sight.


    low table
    design: Nobu MIAKE
    size: W.860 x D.860 x H.440
    material: plywood, laminate, oak

    By inserting a stick into a holed board and tilts it, the stick will get stuck in the side of the hole. TORQUE applied this rule to support two tabletops at different positions. As it is stable by the legs tilting, it will increase the strength as more stuff loaded. Herewith, the differently colored tabletops show each attractive faces. Each tabletops are reversible to enjoy different textures.
    Cooperative Manufacturer : YASUTA Veneered Surfaces & Design


    desk light
    design: Kohdai IWAMOTO
    size: Max W.700 x D.100 x Max H.740
    material: steel, aluminum, LED

    An angle of a straw put in a glass varies depending on the diameter and the depth of the glass. STRAW is a desk light that the idea came from this image of the straw and the glass. It can be adjusted the angles of the light by hooking the light itself inside of the base with different levels.