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For most objects in our daily lives, "lack" and "loss" are not particularly welcome.
However, just as one can find a new use for a broken rod, we are sometimes able to find new value from loss.
Maybe it's the forming of a hole or the base of something becoming disconnected?this world is full of opportunities that we only notice once something is lost.
The collection "GOOD LACK" searches for new uses for items with missing parts and seeks to present new possibilities for a variety of furniture.
Through a change in perspective, we hope to bring happiness to your daily lives.
Good lack!

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    Size: w.785 x d.610 x h.1895 (max d.940)
    Material: hard maple, plywood

    Chests of drawers are made to have drawers.
    However, if the bottoms of these drawers should become missing, what might you use that chest of drawers for?
    PORTER proposes an answer in the form of a hanging wardrobe where you can hang your clothes rather than packing them into drawers.
    While keeping the convenient ability to "draw out" your clothes, we have created a new and curious form of storage furniture.
    PORTER's possibilities are truly bottomless.


    Mayuko MATSUMURA
    Size: w.750 x d.450 x h.450
    Material: white ash, plywood, nylon

    What kind of story might we tell with a bench or stool in which a circular hole has formed? EMMENTAL sees these holes as tiny doors which can be used by your pets to enter and leave from their own tiny room.
    Your pet going to and fro through these holes is sure to be like a scene straight out of a cartoon.
    Formed from the inside of the bench which you use as a seat, this new space is a place for your pet to call their own.
    These holes are sure to provide opportunities for the lives of owner and pet to cross paths.


    Atsushi KAWABE
    Size: S φ.125 x H.360 M φ.280 x h.430 L φ400 x h.330
    Material: polystyrene, steel

    What kind of beauty exists in a flat material full of holes?
    By rolling it into a simple cylinder, the overlapping holes create a moiré pattern which is pleasing to the eye.
    Turning off the lights in the room and shining a light directly onto the holes causes wavering, fantastical shadows to fill the room.
    SPOTS is an interior work of art with different expressions for day and night.


    portable light
    size: w.250 x d.130 x h.280 (lamp: W.170 x D.100 x L.340)
    material: white ash, steel, vulcanized fiber

    What might we do with a desk lamp that has become disconnected from its pedestal?
    We could insert it into an empty bottle or pen holder or even place it on a shelf to provide light exactly where we need it.
    It becomes a convenient, portable light. Of course, we can reinsert it into the pedestal as well.
    CARRY seeks to fill the gap between desk lamps and portable light sources.


    Size: w.700 x d.500 x h.1892
    Material: ash

    If part of a sliding door or latticework should become missing, what kind of space would be left?
    The few remaining pieces of wood make for a perfect place to hang jackets and coats, bags, and other small items.
    By hanging clothes up in this new space, each piece of clothing lines up neatly.
    In this way, you could perhaps take several pieces from your closet, hang them up, and consider that day's outfit with your options laid out before you. Who knows?
    Maybe LATIE could help you discover a new combination you had never thought of before.