May the end of the story lead
the beginning of the following story.

  The “epilogue – prologue” is a collection
that is produced
by considering the ending of products.

To give another purpose to things
usually thrown away,
to adjust forms and functions along
with growth and difference,
or to store memories of everyday life.
Such ideas add a new page to the relationship
between people and products.

Because numerous things are
disposed commonly today,
we need to recognize
the value of this new relationship.
If the relationship between people
and products lasts longer,
and can maintain functions with memories,
a prologue to new story will begin.
The “epilogue – prologue” is the collection of
furniture and home accessories
that walk along together
for a long period of time.

  • rollin’ rollin’

    design: Hiromi MANABE
    size : W.530 × D.390 × H.400
    material: beech, sweater

    The rollin’ rollin’, is a stool worn fluffy wool to begin a new story with a sweater that you like, but can’t wear anymore. Unweaving the sweater and winding the wool on the big reel, it turns into a soft and comfortable seat. You can keep it in your everyday life with the memory of when you wore the favorite sweater.

  • growth

    coat rack
    design: Ryosuke AKAGI
    size : W.500 × D.500 × H.2,000
    material: beech, plywood, steel

    “growth” is a coat rack which watches over a child’s growth. Just like a height scale, a family can measure one’s height with a movable hook, and hang clothes at each suitable position. Thus, this coat rack reflects the figure of the family with their clothes hung on. The child’s coat will move up to higher position as growing older.

  • steps

    design: Kohdai IWAMOTO
    size:W.1,000 × D.420 × H.420 (stool / φ335 × H.250)
    material: beech, urethane foam, fabric

    “steps” is a bench for a parent and child can be used for a long time by changing the way of how it is used along with child’s growing steps. Placing the stool under the hole of seat, it is a table for the child. When the child grows a little older, they can sit next to each other at the same level by fitting the stool back into the hole.

  • huggy

    design: Yuta FUKUHARA
    size : W.380 × D.450 × H.745 / SH.420
    material: birch

    “huggy” is a baby chair used as a child sits on the parent’s lap. The parent sits and hugs the child in front like they ride a horse together. Turning it around and changing the way of sitting, this will be a chair eventually, after the child grows up and baby chair is no more necessary.

  • lovebird

    design: Yuki MATSUMOTO
    size: W.660 × D.800 × H.720 (single piece / W.660 × D.400 × H.720)
    material: beech or oak

    The half-table with only two legs is used by standing against the wall. Joining the two half tables together, it can be freestanding without a support of wall. The drawers stored with full of memories of two work as the functional structure to support each other as a married couple.

  • outside in

    design: Rie ASAKA
    size: W.1284 × D.600 × H.735
    material: white ash, plywood, cardboard

    Shipping containers protecting products at time of transportation becomes waste after safely shipped and unpacked. Feeling this paradox that corrugated cardboard has a short lifespan contrary to its long durability, a new life is given that to work continuously as the core of top surface of desk. The desk is stabilized with the corrugated cardboard inserted into the top surface which is pliable without it.

  • fadeless

    vase for dried flower
    design: Nobu MIAKE
    Q-Large L.350 × W.90 t=2
    Q-Small L.250 × W.70 t=2
    S L.300 × W.60 t=2
    O-1P L.350 × W.300 × D.20
    O-5P L.350 × W.300 × D.20
    H W.400 × D.100 × H.30
    material: brass, wood, leather strap, rubber band

    Stop the time. The vase for dried flowers hung upside down and slowly dried. Although flowers fade eventually once they are picked, this vase can defy the fate. The upside down flower slowly stops the time and start a new life with its dedicate beauty.

  • 31

    design: Ryo MITAO
    size: W.1050 × D.230 × H.275 (single frame / W.210 × D.28 × H.255)
    material: plywood, acrylic

    Your precious things that you can’t throw away. “31” is a calendar that gives a comfortable place for your preciousness. There are 31 frames to store things of your monthly memories which are usually kept in the shelf for a long time. You can also take out your recollection just as a frame for display.