taxonomy of free

We seem to enjoy being free,
yet live with many limits in reality.
But Life would be richer
if we could remove those limits,
would it not?
Yet, being free is something
that can only be appreciated
in contrast with being limited.
As giving even a little freedom
to whom he was always living in limitations,
will make him feel happy.

This time, we thought about being “Free”.
We chose objects, actions,
and feelings which could symbolize it,
set keywords,
and created our products
based on those ideas and keywords.
The collection “Taxonomy of Free“ is born from
what each of us has captured
wandering around the theme “Free”.

  • Snofari

    stool / low table / container
    design: Junichiro OSHIMA
    size: w.550 x d.280 x sh.380 / h.350
    material: beech, urethan foam, fabric, leather strap

    Although transportation had been hard for people living in snowbound places, they were freed themselves from this trouble by using sleds. “Snofari” is a snow sled like, furniture that can slide throughout one’s home, from a sunny place to an airy one, and then a warm comfortable place. Put your stuff inside it, turn its lid over and sit on it and you can journey freely from place to place as you relax at home by simply pulling “Snofari” like a sled.

  • Coni

    table lamp
    design: Megumi WADA
    size: w.200 x d.210 x h.280
    material: vulcanized fiber or PVC, LED

    Free means simple. Free means easy.
    “Coni” is born as a table lamp, out of the simple shape of a circle, rolled into a cone and fixed easily with some pins. Just pass the LED unit through it and it is done. “Coni” is free from complexity in production and assembly. Anyone can make it simply, and use it easily.

  • Minamo

    desktop organizer
    design: Yukari TSUJIMOTO
    size: L / w.580 x d.290 x h.40
    M / w.465 x d.290 x h.40
    S / w.290 x d.115 x h.40
    material: maple, nylon thread, steel

    The surface of water can support a ship, yet allow one to freely swim or pass through. This behavior of water has an impressive feeling of freedom. “Minamo” is a storage system with a “surface” made from thin thread. Accessories or documents can be organized on Minamo’s surface, while memo or cards can be clipped through the thread. Objects placed through the shining surface look blurry as though in water. Inspired by the beauty of water’s surface, “Minamo” depicts a scene of waterscape, sparkling in a miniature garden on the desk.

  • Shade-lit

    design: Kohdai IWAMOTO
    size: w.1600 x φ30
    material: acrylic, ash, brass, LED

    “Shade-lit” provides illumination, free of any mechanical operation and just by using the easy and intuitive act of putting a cloth on a stick. Gently drape a fabric over “Shade-lit” and the portion, covered by fabric gives off light. A sensor detects the cloth and turns on the covered LEDs. The covering cloth acts both as a switch and a lamp shade. By applying different kinds of fabric, anyone can create various beautiful lightings and freely discover fun ways to use “Shade-lit”.

  • Light-Woods

    floor light
    design: Tomoya YOSHINO
    size: φ.1,200 x h.2,000
    material: oak, polypropylene, fluorescent bulb

    Sharing a product together or using it alone is the act of going back and forth smoothly between the person and people. To me, “sharing” is a form of freedom. “Light Woods” is a floor light in the shape of a tree with flowers that are blooming with light, and it shares light, symbolizing all that is positive. One may move the lighting’s position as desired. Sometimes everyone may gather to talk and laugh under a collective light, and at other times one may separate the lights and spend one’s own time under the “Light Woods” near others.