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Just like natural terrain is, furniture brings ups and downs in space and guides our regular behavior and daily scenery as geographical features of living.

If there is a new terrain in living, it will be a new possibility for ways of editing space.

In the collection “Geography,” we propose the works which provide new geographical characteristics into space, understanding the relationship between furniture and surrounding with look of like a geographer who has an eye to both nature and living in each place.

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  • by the window

    Nao UEDA
    Size: w1150×d450×h1700 (seat height 580)
    Material: maple, plywood

    Window is a visual connection of inside and outside of building, and also a frame to crop scenery.
    On the other hand, we often sit on limited space of edge of window and display objects.
    “by the window” is a window inside of room to gently partition space, and to provide new relation between here and there.

  • eave

    side table
    Size: w650×d500×h1530 (table height 600)
    Material: maple, MDF

    Another comfortable roof inside of room when you sit on chair. It blocks light from ceiling and window, and provides shade with ease like under a tree.
    This small roof shall bring small changes to everyday life as a tool to meet one’s own world.

  • perch

    shoes rack
    Naoko MIYATANI
    Size: w700×d400×h1330
    Material: maple, stainless steel, concrete

    Regularly-used shoes are never back into boxes and move actively. It is just like birds perching on electric wire, flying around and coming back by turns.
    “perch” is a shoe rack can display and look at favorite shoes in space of porch.

  • place

    desktop divider
    Misato NAKAMURA
    hi:w300×h300 t=12
    middle:w350×h200 t=12
    low:w400×h150 t=12
    Material: plywood, stainless steel

    Building wall in space of table. That created boundary is not only to organize the view of tabletop, but to make place for objects had nowhere to go.
    By combination of different sizes of walls, it allows to show or hide at one's will.

  • kumone

    Atsuko OSAKI
    tate ishi(hi) : w100 x d80 x h230
    yoko ishi(middle): :w140 x d110 x h160
    fuse ishi(low) : w150 x d120 x h100
    Material: fabric, sand

    Stones and minerals from lands are very diverse and have attractive shapes. I enclosed those charms into soft objects.
    Different crinkles depending on arranging and gripping it soft or hard, it shows many characteristics like natural objects.
    Like there are no identical shapes of stones in the world, “kumone” interests you with one-time formative art.

  • colonnade

    Jun AKADA
    Size: w590×d230×h370
    Material: stainless steel, plywood

    Cutting out an ellipse shape from a rectangular board, and keep it apart to another. Then, drawing lines along its track, there is a space surrounded by lines to gently cut eyesight.
    Many objects can pass through between sticks to visualize various sceneries.

  • a wall

    shelf, desk
    Junichiro OSHIMA
    narrow shelf: w740 x d280 x h1700 (shelf w500 x d256 x h990)
    low shelf: w1490 x d380 x h900 (shelf w1100 x d360 x h530)
    desk: w1070 x d604 x h1580 (desk w840 x d580 x h730)
    Material: white ash, plywood

    Wall is not just a separator of space. Not only to put a favorite poster or memo, wall is a background to emphasize an object, and sometimes works as legs to support furniture.
    “a wall” is colourful walls that can be operated in many ways to propose a new way of life style.

  • lacus

    side table
    Keita NOBUHARA
    Size: ø510×h510 glass top:ø350(t=8)
    Material: tricot, steel, plywood, glass

    A hollow shaped by white stretchable material. The floating glass expresses an unexpected scenery like still surface of lake in snowfield.
    As land takes time to be formed by wind and rain, “lacus” shows various appearances through different weather and season.

  • rugged

    floor rack
    Naoya SAKAMOTO
    Size: w950×d990×h395
    Material: plywood

    Considering natural geometric factors such as slopes and undulations adding into flat floor, and form as furniture, it guides one’s behavior and new possibility of living.
    As human and animals read environmental features and guide one’s manner, this work has a pleasure to discover a suitable way to use, between freedom and restriction by furniture.